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Why Should You Consider Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Aluminum patio furniture is very versatile.  Whether you prefer a sleek, modern vibe, or a more traditional effect, there are designs to fit your style and budget. From small side tables to a complete outdoor dining set, or seating arrangement, the possibilities are endless. To help in your search for the set right for you, Palm Beach Patio Furniture has an exceptional line-up of styles and pricing for aluminum outdoor furniture.

Long Term Durability and Strength

Since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, it does not include iron, which is what causes rust. This is important to consider in the humid and brutal Florida outdoor environment given that homeowners want furniture that will last and withstand these conditions.

There are two types of aluminum furniture: cast and hollow.  Cast aluminum is solid and produced with a mold. While heavier than other types, cast aluminum is less likely to bend or warp. Hollow aluminum furniture is extruded into the shape desired and can support heavier weights despite its lightweight frame.

Timeless Styles and Designs

Aluminum patio furniture offers a wide variety of styles from classical to modern design. Because it can be cast or extruded into numerous different shapes, homeowners have the option to select a style that matches their design motif. Palm Beach Patio Furniture has a broad catalog of aluminum patio furniture products for you to choose.

Easy Care and Versatility

Most aluminum outdoor furniture is powder coated, a process whereby paint is sprayed on the surface, and then baked.  This produces a glossy, durable finish that does not need to be stripped and refinished the same way wood furniture requires. Most aluminum patio furniture is also lightweight and allows homeowners to easily move and arrange a set according to their needs.

Palm Beach Patio Furniture has an extensive variety of aluminum patio furniture from which you can choose. Our furniture and design experts are ready to answer your questions and help you select the set that’s best for your needs.  Contact us today to learn more about the Palm Beach Patio Furniture advantage!


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